When it comes to makeup, you know that I always say ‘you get what you pay for’, but there are some cases where you really don’t need to empty your pockets to get high quality products. So I am here to talk about where I like to save money, and where I feel I can splurge.


I have mainly high end moisturisers as I feel that this is the most important step to doing your makeup. If you haven’t got a good balancing moisturiser, you makeup will all drop off or clump and it will all just be a bit of a disaster. However, a moisturiser isn’t made ‘good’ just because its expensive. You need to shop around and see what works best for your skin type. Personally I have dry skin, so use a very thick moisturiser at night. Personally I love the clinique moisture surge to give my skin a really nice drink. But for the day, I use the Bobbi Brown vitamin enriched face base, as its still moisturising but not too thick. So I think moisturisers are investments pieces, and a place where I would splurge.


Actually, I think this is a place where you can save. I have a mix of high end and highstreet foundations and I love them both. I do notice that my high end foundations last a little longer, but for the price, my high street foundations are amazing!! Again, you do need to shop around and get the best one for your skin type, but I feel like you don’t need to splurge when getting a foundation.

BB cream/ tinted moisturisers

Im going to say that these are splurge products, mainly due to colour ranges. I have very light skin and I have never found a bb cream or tinted moisturisers from the drug store that is my shade. They all look orange on me and just look like a spray tan gone wrong!! I find that high end shops just do a better colour range and allow me to get a colour that actually matches my skin tone. Come on high street, we aren’t all one shade!!!


I have tried a variety and find that the best powders I own are all high end. They set my makeup beautifully and I find that a lot of drugstore powders give a cakey finish. Also, they have such a terrible colour range at high street shops!! Drives me insane!


Ill be honest, I don’t tend to wear much concealer. I just find that it ends up clumping around the blemish I am trying to cover and makes it even more obvious. Therefore I haven’t tried many concealers, but my favourite ones are from the drugstore and I feel like you really don’t need to reach out to the high end concealers.

Contour and highlight

I have tried a variety of contours and have found that actually, my favourite ones are all from the highstreet. I think that a contour powder is the best for me and don’t notice any difference when I buy a high street or high end one. With highlight, although everyone raves about champagne pop, I don’t like the disco face and so usually steer clear of it. Therefore I refer the drugstore highlighters that just give a slight shimmer to my cheekbones and don’t overpower my face.


Definitely a product where you can save! I usually opt for creamy blushers and all of the drugstore ones I have tried I love way more than the high end blushers. I also find that drugstores actually have good colour ranges and allow me to get the perfect pink for my cheeks.

Eye shadow

With my cream eye shadows, I don’t notice much difference with my high end and high street products. They give the same finish and both last a great amount of time. However, with powder eye shadows, I find I notice quite a great difference. I hate how chalky high street eye shadows usually are, I have found some nice buttery ones but nothing compares to my high end eye shadows. I also find that when I use high street eye shadows, they end up blending into one colour on my eye, ruining the definition that high end eye shadows can keep. Therefore I much prefer to splurge on eye shadow products and palettes.


I have always found that my high end mascaras are the best. If you buy a cheap mascara, they tend to clump or fall off my lashes throughout the day and I get a lovely black like under my eyes. I much prefer to splurge on my mascara.


Save! Save! Save!! The best liners that I one are drugstore. I feel like high street brands have mastered the good liner and I would always pick up a cheaper one over a more expensive. I love how thin they are and don’t feel the need to top up throughout the day. Definitely a product you can save!!


Another product where you can definitely save. I find that brows are quite difficult to find a good product that you can work with, but I have only hated the high end brow products that I have tried and looove my Loreal brow kit. Its the perfect shade and lasts me all day without any fall out!! My fave place to save money!

Lip liners

I must admit, I am yet to be impressed by a lip liner. I love the formula from H&M liners but they have a rubbish colour range!! then again I am not willing to fork out £16 for a MAC liner that doesn’t even have a nice formula. I will let you know in future what my conclusion is, but for now I am sticking with high street liners.


You know me and how much I love my MAC lipsticks!! Although I do own a few drugstore lipsticks, nothing compares to my mac or Bobbi brown, They just feel so gorgeous on the lips and last me all day with little top up. So definitely a product u am willing to splurge on!


With brushes and lash curlers and beauty blenders, don’t feel the urge to buy the most expensive product. I actually prefer my cheaper brushes to some of my expensive ones. You don’t need to spend a fortune on mac brushes when real techniques are so much better. And actually, my favourite brushes of all time are from the new H&M range!

I hope that this post has helped any of you, and made you realise that there are some places where we can save ourselves a bucket load!!