Expectations vs Reality

I often get a lot of strange ‘expectations’ from my followers. Don’t get me wrong, I love you guys!! I love chatting with you and having conversations and just getting to know you. But the issue is that we don’t really know each other. You see what I want you to see and you know what I want you to know. I noticed a strange thing that as soon as I hit 10k, some people don’t think I am human and just seem to have separate conversations on my photos. I love it when you tag your friends and bring others to our little community, so please don’t stop that. But when the conversation goes ‘"@whoever omg I thought this was you" "ewww that looks nothing like me" "meh a little bit"’ then that’s not so good. I can read every comment you leave and being mean on peoples photos is never acceptable. If you see my comment section, I try to reply to as many as I can so its clear that I can see what you comment. Anyway, the point is that I am every bit a person as you are, and nothing changes just because a few more people hit the ‘follow’ button on my account. So I thought I would do an ‘expectations vs reality’ post to give you a little sneak peak behind the photos you see on my instagram.

Expectation- ‘oh look at me behind all cosmopolitan and travelling and going to pretty places with pretty flowers’

Reality- Took this photo with the flower man staring at me. Had to bend over the flowers to get a good shot and ended up leaving before the flower man could shout at me for taking pictures of his flowers.

Expectation- ‘oh look at me modelling this outfit. Don’t I look pretty, looking away from the camera casually while I get my photo taken’

Reality- Took this photo outside of my study room at college. Me and my friend went outside with both of us in fits because people kept staring. My friend took 1000000 photos just so that one would look good!

Expectation- ‘aren’t my cacti plants so cute. Oh I am so funny for naming them. Don’t they look cute with this little flat lay. yay me’

Reality- Pricked myself 8 times just getting these in the correct place for the shot. My friend wanted to name them so I texted her asking for new names because I am a weird cacti girl who names her plants. Even though they just attack her and prick her all the chuffing time.

Expectation- ‘mmmm yummy coffee in bed. Living the life with my coffee and bed sheets’

Reality- Put a book underneath the sheets so that the mug would have something to stand on and ensure it wouldn’t fall over. Was just terrified of getting coffee on my white sheets because I am such a klutz and something I am likely to do. Had to stand on one leg to get this photo at the right angle and nearly fell on top of the coffee.

Expectation- ‘oh look at my amazing folding skills. All of my clothes are folded this nicely. I am just the queen of neatness’

Reality- Took me about 6 attempts to get the folding right. It actually came out of my wardrobe from a hanger because who can be bothered to actually fold??

Expectation- ‘looking all smouldery and pouty at the top of the Shard. I am such a travelled women and am now an official Londoner’

Reality- Got my brother to take this photo of me. This is actually my confused face because he was saying something I couldn’t hear. Had to wait awkwardly for 10 minutes for people to get out of the way to get this shot!

I hope you have at least gotten a little bit of an insight into a few of my photos. I never understand why people think I am ‘living the life’ when you only see a few snippets of staged photos that i want you to see. My favourite case was someone messaging me and then saying ‘but I am not as popular as you’ on the same day that all my friends were going to a party that I wasn’t invited to. It made me chuckle a lot at how little of my life you guys know and how only I choose what to share with you.

A quick note- this isn’t a serious post, its just a jokey way of me showing you how different my life is to what a lot of my followers expect! I love you guys and am so so grateful for everyone follower and get so excited each time I see a new person has decided to hit that follow button! LOTS OF HUGS TO ALL MY FOLLOWERS