For me, mindfulness involves turning off autopilot and actually living. Whether that’s just stopping to look at the view, or actually listening to a conversation with someone- not just to respond, but to understand. I think its really important to turn off autopilot and be in the now.

Practise Makes Perfect

Being more mindful takes practise. You cannot just suddenly decide to be mindful and think that it will just happen. Otherwise we would all be so much more mindful, wouldn’t we? In order for it to happen, you need practise. By this I simply mean that you should really put some thought into your decisions, responses and actions. This will eventually become more natural, but in order to get there we need to make a start

Everyday Life

It is important to be mindful in everyday life. Think about your friends, am I just meeting up to find something to do? Do I really know this person, inside and out. Get to know and love your friends and you will enjoy their presence even more. At work, thing about the opportunities that arise. Am I just taking this because i am flattered to be asked? I know that this has happened to me and I just felt flat about the whole topic. So each opportunity that now arises, I shall be much more mindful and really think about what i want to do for me.

Allow Yourself Some Time To Reflect

I think mindfulness also includes being able to reflect on your day, week and month. Think about what you are grateful for, what you achieved and congratulate yourself. Always have a positive attitude and you can go far in life. I know that this was a bit of a ramblly post- but lets be honest, you must be pretty used to that by now!!