What’s In My Makeup Bag?

I have been really enjoying switching up my makeup and changing whats in my beauty bag recently. I feel like every time we hit a new year I have a sudden urge to experiment more and clear through old, unused makeup, which usually results in me rediscovering old favourites and bringing them to the front of my collection. After having a month of fun switch-ups, I seem to have settled down to a daily makeup bag.

For base I have been obsessed with the Charlotte Tilbury light wonder foundation. I feel like Charlotte Tilbury has totally taken over the makeup industry and really changed the game. The light wonder foundation is perfect for a light cover base that just covers the blemishes and evens out the skin without caking your face. Because of the formula, its really beneficial for the skin and I have found that my skin has been a lot healthier since wearing it.

Again going along the lines of beneficial products, I have been loving the Bare Minerals powder to set my foundation. As its a ‘powder foundation’ its a thicker powder but not cakey in the slightest. It may be obvious, but I have been really trying to look after my skin recently as I had such bad breakouts around Christmas. So I have been much more conscious about what is going onto my skin and I think its been thanking me for it.

Due to the amount of blemishes I have had (and the lack of sleep that a student life entails) the bags under my eyes are not their finest. So for concealer I have been using the L’oreal lumi concealer. Its so illuminating and doesn’t crease easily which is fab!

The only thing I ever use for my brows is the Benefit Ka-Brow in shade 3. I am so obsessed with this brow gel- its insane. I have found that its the best thing at filling in my sparse and thin brows. Because its gel I find that it looks so much more natural. The only problem I have found is that it dries up really quickly. I am not sure if its because of the packaging or what, but after a month or so it goes so dry so quickly. But I find that if you get a tissue and wipe off the top layer, you get back down to the moist product. Its kind of annoying but I find that its worth it for the pay off.

Then on my eyes I use the MAC shadow in ‘sand’ in order to set my lids. I really love this eyeshadow. It keeps my eyeshadow on so well and means it doesn’t crease. Then on my lids I have been in love with the Nars eyeshadow duo in the shade ‘Egea’. Its such a gorgeous combo and I have been in love with it!

Of course I can’t not curl my lashes, so I am using the H&M lash curler. Then I have been in love with the Too Faced ‘better than sex’ waterproof mascara. It is my all time favourite mascara! I loooove how it makes my lashes look so long and volumous. While it stays so well on my lashes all day. The only thing is that at the end of the day its a bitch to get off. (but I just use the Nivea cleanser to take off my eye makeup).

Then of course we need a simple lipstick. So I have been using the Nars lipstick in the shade ‘cruising’. Its so gorgeous and as a sheer lippy, its amazing for everyday wear.

So thats what I have been using on a daily basis and keeping in my makeup bag. Whats in your makeup bag?