Finding A Better Balance

In 2016, I let myself slide a little. I didn’t have the best work, rest, play attitude (particularly when I got to uni) and I feel like I lost my life balance a little. So one of my new year’s resolutions is to get myself into a better balance and keep myself happy and healthy. I am making a few changes to 2017 and it starts here.

Stop leaving everything to the last minute

When it comes to my work, I am really bad at not rushing at the last minute. I swear the deadline always seems to creep up on me and 2 weeks turns into 2 days. Its dreadful! I know that my work would reflect the rushed panic I get myself into and it would look so much better if I didn’t have to rush.

Get up early and crack on with my day

I am terrible at sleeping into midday if I don’t have to get up for anything. If I don’t set an alarm I waste half of my day, then end up feeling really grotty and in a slump. So this term/ year I am going to make such a conscious effort to stop sleeping in and get up earlier. I’m not talking the crack of dawn, just a normal time to allow me to have a normal day.

Gym it more often

I kind of fell out of the routine of going to the gym and I hate myself a little bit because of that. I just had no motivation and got lazy. But no more of that. I am not going to let myself get lazy and I am going to make a really conscious effort to get my butt down to the gym. I want to get fitter push myself more to work out.


I am dreadful at frivolously spending money that I do not have for things I do not need. So much so that when clearing out my makeup recently, I found a bunch of lipstick I have never even used (they’re up on my depop btw- petiteelliee_) and when clearing through my wardrobe there was clothes still with the tags on (again, up on my depop). So I have going to make much more of an effort to stop buying things I do not need and save up my money for traveling in the summer (I shall talk about this soon)

Put more effort into my blog

In all honesty I fell out of love with blogging a little bit in 2016. And it was a weird concept for me because I have never had that before I have always been so in love with writing and photo taking and blogging in general. But I just got myself into a little bit of a rut. And I feel like I have managed to pull myself out which is good. So now that I am back on my feet with it, I want to put more effort into the quality of my photos and the quality of my content.

I feel so motivated to start doing these things to ensure that I have a better balance this year. I know we are a month down but its never too late to set yourself targets, right?