The Rise of the MicroInfluencer

I am classified as an influencer. My title is: Ellie- blogger and influencer. But I find it odd how I am classed as an influencer, yet so is Zoe Sugg, and so is Hannah Gale and so is Chloe Plumstead. Yet I have a fraction of the number of followers that they have. So I guess you could call me a micro influencer. And I have noticed the growing importance of us micro influencers in the world of social media.

What is a micro influencer? You might ask.

Well a micro influencer is someone who has a following that is not exceptionally large, but connects and influences in a more intimate way with their following. I’m not saying that I have a tiny number of followers. I mean 15k on Instagram is blooming huge and I cannot believe that that number of people decided to click that little follow button. But compared to 10 million, I am just a little fish in a VERY LARGE pond.

But when looking at the definition of a micro influencer, I can really see myself in that. In all honesty I have never been bothered about having a large audience (seriously my only goal was 1k and once I reached that I expected it to stop).

I have seriously noticed a change in what brands are looking for when working with influencers. They no longer look solely at the number of followers that you have, but the engagement and relationship between an influencer and their following. Brands would much rather work with a blogger who will actually influence their followers due to their reliability and connection. So many large influencers seem to not give a damn about the people who want to connect with and simple want to see that following number grow. It’s stupid! But I am so glad to see brands moving away from these kinds of selfish influencers and onto those who actually care about the relationship they have with their followers.

Micro influencers are rising and making a stand in the world of social media. So focus more on the relationship you have with your followers and stop chasing that next ‘goal’. You are important whether you have 5 followers or 55,555 followers. There’s room for all of us!