What To Get Your Other Half For His Birthday When He’s Hard To Buy For

Its that time of year again. That time where I go SH*T ITS ALEX’S BIRTHDAY IN LESS THAN A MONTH AND I HAVE’T GOT HIM ANYTHING YET. And I don’t know about you, but my other half is SO HARD to shop for. He’s one of those people who doesn’t really want a lot of things, but when he sees something he likes, he’ll buy it for himself.


So recently I have been trailing the online sites, mankind, Red 5 and all that jazz to find a good present that he is actually going to like, but also hasn’t bought himself yet. The struggle is real.

But after quite a few hours of scrolling, I found a few cute bits that I think he would like and though that I would but them in a perfectly compact, little guide for you so that if you have the same problem as me, you can just have a little nosey on here and VOILA HOURS SAVED. (you’re welcome because this has taken me HOURS- I hate you Alex)

First of all, aftershave is ALWAYS a good shout. Alex loves his smellies and actually loves it when I buy an aftershave for him- he always seems to wear them over the ones he buys for himself. Probably because he knows I like the smell! Clive Christian have some gorgeous aftershaves at the moment and their new launch VIII Rococo is incredible! Both quite musky scents, with one a little fresher than the other (perfect day scent). These would be the perfect gift for any man (and maybe a hint for if he’s not taking enough showers)

Shop the aftershaves HERE

If you’ve got yourself a techy, which I certainly do, then there are so many great tech bits, such as laptop stands, phone cases and, especially if you have an insta boyfriend, a leather camera bag!

Some other ideas if you are feeling stuck (all linked)

Desk organiser

Rayban Sunglasses

Retro bluetooth speaker

Comfy PJ’s


Leather bracelet

Gym bottle

New gym bag


A Silver ring

Snapback or Cap

I hope some of these ideas help and that you get your other half the PERFECT gift (in case you are wondering, I have indeed bought Alex an amazing gift but I have not said it here because I KNOW HE IS READING THIS IN HOPES OF GETTING THE SCOOP)

Happy shopping!!