Nailing Occasion Wear

It is definitely the season for occasions. Graduations, weddings, balls, you name it. I see so many grids filling up with occasion wear and I AM NOT COMPLAINING. But for a girl who LIVES in trackie bottoms and crop tops, it can be hard to nail the occasion wear, and find something you feel DAMN CONFIDENT in.

THANKFULLY I AM HERE. You are welcome.

So I am talking you through how to style occasion where, what to stay away from and how not to break the bank.

First things first, what’s the dress code? Sometimes it might not be very obvious but if you’re heading somewhere like a wedding, its a no brainer that you don’t wear white. Once you have got the correct dress code, we can go from there.

What flatters you?

Finding something flattering is always a must when it comes to occasion where. I mean there are going to be hundreds of phototaking and you don;t want to look back and think OH GOD I DO NOT SUIT MAXI DRESSES or such forth. For me, I am not a fan of dresses on me. I find that short dresses show my legs weirdly, and long dresses just highlight my short body, to the point that I look 12. Personally, I love fancy trousers. These 70’s style trousers from New Look are my absolute FAVE. They give me legs that I definitely do not have, a waste that is not normally visible and above all are SO DAMN COMFY!!

Shop them HERE

When it comes to occasion wear, I don’t like to splash out. In my opinion, you are going to wear this once or twice and then that’s it. So I don’t like to break the bank, no matter how pretty the outfit is. I prefer to shop in the sales, or go to highstreet brands. Its amazing how well Zara do occasion wear. Honestly they are better than most high end stores! So easy to wear, great prices and PERFECT for so many different occasions.

SHOES SHOES SHOES. When it comes to occasion wear, you are usually going to be in those shoes all day. So you better get a comfy pair. There is nothing worse than having to take your shoes off because the blisters are too much. I find that the comfiest heels usually come from H&M, New Look or Topshop. They have amazing shoes that can be dressed up or down! Definitely be sure to shop there if you don’t want to kill your feet.

Whatever occasion you are going to this summer, I hope these tips help and I hope you have A HELL OF A TIME!