How To Recycle Your Wardrobe Favourites Year After Year

I love recycling clothes. Hey you know me I am all about that saving money, saving effort, saving time life. Hell yeah.

But sometimes it can be a little bit tricky to work out exactly how to recycle pieces- what should I save? What should go in the trash? Will this style be around next summer? And all that jazz.

So here I am to save the day (little trumpets pls) and with the help of two espressos, show you the best ways to recycle your clothes and ensure that you can keep wearing your favourites year after year.

– Classic is key –

I am sure that you are BORED STIFF of me talking about classics. About white shirts and blue jeans and trench coats and sun hats. But its true. They are the bomb ting. Sorry I wont ever say that again.

But seriously, get yourself some classics, they will last you time and time again and can be paired with whatever the hell the fashion is that season, which brings me onto the next tip..

– Mix and match –

I love mixing old pieces with new pieces, its a great way to bring this season’s trends in without breaking the bank or having to buy a whole new wardrobe time and time again. The best kind pieces to mix are, you guessed it, the classics.

Whenever I buy a new piece I love to outfit plan with it, and that usually involves getting out last years pieces in order to see what works best.

– Proper care –

This especially applies to your more expensive pieces, but any item of clothing you like needs proper care. Clean your tops properly, rid them of stains, dry clean coats and dresses, iron your shirts and fold neatly your jeans. That way you can preserve the clothing for longer and wear it year in year out.

A mistake that I made was that, when storing out of season clothing, I just kinda shoved it in a box under my bed and forgot about it until next year. Then when I came to the box the clothes were all creased and gross and just not wearable. So finding proper storage is key to caring for your clothes, and caring for them is key to preserving them!

– Quality quality quality –

When it comes to lasting clothes, the quality of them is going to make or break whether you can wear them again. So buying a £2 top from Primarny, although cute and an ABSOLUTE BARGAIN, is probably not going to last you through each year.

That being said, with fast fashion items that I know will probably be out of style next season, I like to save that little bit of pennies to make sure that I don’t waste £40 on trousers that I only wear 3 times max.

But if you want something that is going to last you year after year, go for something a little more high end and invest that little extra, I promise that small investment will pay off.