Ways To Save A Little Or A Lot

I am USELESS at saving money. Always have been. I’m one of those awful people that just spends it as fast as I earn it (shameful I know). When it comes to saving money I really do struggle. But its a new year and a new me so anything could happen! Especially with how determined I am. I am determined to save money and save money properly. Being at uni, I have learnt very valuable lessons about money trees and lack of- so being able to put away a few pennies (or many a lot of pennies, who knows how well I do) is such a big step into adulthood that I am making.

I feel like money isn’t something spoken about much, especially in the blogosphere. Most bloggers are shoving affiliate links down your throat and showing you how many new jumpers they bought this week. But I feel like that is so unrealistic and so materialistic. And as much as I love a good haul and I love a good splurge, I think it is a very important life skill to have- saving money.

But I, myself, am I novice. So instead of telling you exactly what to do and what works, I am going to be talking about what I am PLANNING TO DO and what I hope you achieve.

Savings Account

One of the major changes that I am making is by getting a savings account. I have never actually had a savings account or a particular place to put away money that I am not spending. And I have found that in my normal account, when its there I struggle not to spend it. So its time to start putting away money month by month to a place that I cannot see. That way I stop myself from spending it until it’s grown into a Harry Potter size sum of gold coins.


I have always been useless at budgeting but I am really trying hard to make a weekly budget AND STICK TO IT. As much as I have good intentions to, I am going to really, really try to stick to my budget. I am going to pay closer attention to my food shops, my weekly spends and my bills. That way I can cut out any unnecessary spends.

Making Better Decisions

Sounds daft I know, but I really want to make a conscious effort to make better decisions in what I do and what I buy. That means less eating out, less ready meals, NOT buying that 5th pink knit and even taking a shorter shower! By just giving my spends a little more cost I am hoping to cut down the amount I spend.

If you are also looking to start saving and are starting your journey, like me. Then be sure to share your tips! As I said I am usually USELESS so if we support each other it might make things a little easier!!