Getting (and Staying) Organised This New Year

Its that time of year when we all trickle back to work, college, school, uni and start getting back to everyday life. And its also the time of year that just sucks. Suddenly all the deadlines hit and that gorgeous Christmas slump that the whole world was in is waaaay behind us. People are feeling motivated and inspired and GO GO GO, and some of us are kind of just stuck here wondering where the brie-eating mornings went.

Ohh I long for those days.

But alas! Real life calls and we can’t keep ignoring Sharon’s nagging emails forever. So its time to talk about starting to get organised (and keeping it up throughout the year!)

Use Your Calendar

I have always owned a calendar…. but I have just never utilised it and I am ASHAMED to admit that! Having a calendar is such an important part about getting organised (and is very handy at preventing those 2am meltdowns when you realise your assignment was due two days ago). I was gifted this Kate Spade desk calendar from my sister for Christmas and I have never been so excited about a present. It is such a gorgeous diary and actually makes me WANT to use it. Having something pretty on my desk actually inspires me to look at it and use it. So if you are one of those people who always thinks ‘oh I’ll remember that’, trust me you wont. Go down to TKMaxx or WHSmith or Waterstones and pick yourself up one of these bad boys.

Give Yourself Time for a Weekly Round-Up

I love weekly round-ups. This is something that I have touched on in THIS post but I want to go into more detail about these round ups. One day a week (usually a sunday) I dedicated some time to look at the week just gone and the week ahead. I write out what I achieved and what I hope to achieve in the next week. I give myself to-do’s and lists and goals for the following week and I GET MYSELF ORGANISED. By dedicating just a bit of time to round up the week just gone and look at the week ahead I am setting myself up for not only the week ahead but success!


You know I bloody love a good list. Cannot go a day without one. I am currently supporting at least 5 different lists including my to-do’s, blogpost ideas, holiday destinations, valentines gifts and shopping lists. By having a separate notebook to jot down my lists really helps me to get organised for the day, the week, the month and the year. YAY TO LISTS.


This is something I am SO BAD AT but I am really trying to prioritise my day better. I like to give things a number (1-5) of importance and focus on the 5’s before I do anything else. If I don’t do this then I usually spend my days working away on 1’s and then turn around to see 8 VERY important things that should have been done months ago. Especially when it comes to MAINTAINING organisation, prioritising is so damn important!

Get Yourself Inspired

If you are reading this I am assuming that you are looking to get organised but lack some kind of zest. So go and get yourself motivated and inspired! Recently I read the Sarah Knight trio and bloody hell I am kinda in love with that women. The way she approaches life is SO UP MY STREET and she’s just so blunt and brilliant. I have also been loving reading a few other self-help books but SARAH KNIGHT YOU ARE MY HERO.

When it comes to the new year its such a great time to start getting organised and getting back into the working world. If you are like me and still putting off adulting, then good luck to you trooper.