Waving Goodbye To Beauty Standards

My name is Ellie. I stand at five foot exactly. I have a face full of freckles, a little podge on my belly and short legs. I am not the definition of beautiful. I dont have flawless skin or hip length hair or legs that come up to my shoulders (I’m lucky if the length of my legs hit your knee caps at only 5 foot.)

Beauty standards these days are so blooming hard to keep up with; you have to be slim but not skinny, you need to have flawless skin but not put on too much makeup; your legs should be tanned but ew is that a fake tan streak?

I think its bloody well time to wave goodbye to stereotypical beauty standards. Its time to wave goodbye to impossible goals and countless hours staring at the mirror and belittling our bodies. Life is too bloody short for that kind of nonsense anyway!

This post was inspired by a recent photoshoot for my blog. The night before I fake tanned, shaved and moisturised. I wore my spanks and plastered my face in more makeup than I would normally wear to a night out and my hair had been straightened to the enth degree. And it got me thinking about how much WORK I had put into my appearance. And what for? Just to look cute in a few snaps?

I love my body. I love my stumpy legs and my podgey belly and my wild, untamed hair that just won’t behave. I love my curves and my freckles and my green eyes.

And why was that so weird to say? Why is it that when we look at ourselves we are the LAST to compliment our own bodies and so quick to judge them? Just because a poppy is beautiful, does that take away from the lilly’s beauty too? No.

Beauty standards are just so hard to keep up with these days. We are exposed to so much on social media- and with our role models photoshopping, injecting and editing so many things about themselves, its easy to believe that we need to do that too! I can’t tell you the amount of times I have squeezed or trucked or pushed things up in the mirror, thinking to myself how much better I would look. But the truth it, you’re little podges and your little quirks are what make you, you!

We are all beautiful in our own right and we all deserve to celebrate our worth. So thats’ why I am waving goodbye to the impossible beauty standards and just owning who I am.