The Spring Style Staple- The Denim Jacket

Hi my name is Ellie and I am a denim jacket hoarder. When it comes to spring styling there is one piece that I just cannot be without- and that is my denim jacket. It is my life, it is my soul and it is my comfort blanket. I find that dressing for warmer weather is actually quite tricky. Mainly because in England it can go from glorious sunshine to gail force winds within the matter of a few hours so if I am out for the day I don’t want to be caught off guard. But also because I struggle pairing outer-wear to a light, spring outfit.

Enter- the denim jacket.

I get a lot of messages about styling denim jackets from people who find it difficult due to always wearing denim on their bottom half. So I am really sorry to disappoint but the reason I find them so easy to style is probably because I just don’t tend to wear jeans in spring. Sure, in winter they are my uniform. But when the sun starts making its debut and I remember to actually shave my legs its ALL SKIRTS, DRESSES AND CROPPED FLOATY PANTS BABY.

I am styling up this gorgeous light wash beauty with my faaaaave new skirt that I picked up from New Look. Of course you cannot avoid the new button down tortoise shell trend but thats another matter!! I just adore how the pink works with the light wash blue! Such a gorgeous spring outfit. I have just added a plain grey tee in order to not distract from the skirt and denim jacket. And to top it off I have added in my Ted Baker camera bag! Perf spring outfit!!