Home Updates For Spring

I love the seasons. Its one of my favourite things about this country and something that will never fail to amaze me. So along with loving the seasons, I love matching things to the seasons- my wardrobe, my makeup, my home…. So I thought today that I would chat about a few things that I have been doing in my home in order to prepare for spring and make me so much more excited about the season!

A spring clean

Could I BE anymore cliche? But seriously, I couldn’t go into spring without having a good old spring clean. Be it old, moth bitten jumpers or swimsuits that really shouldn’t be allowed out in public, I love clearing through my drawers and giving my place a proper deep cleanse. So whack out the detol, stick on The Greatest Showman sound track and join me.

Pastel updates

One of my favourite things to do in spring is to add in all the pastel updates- be it with my bedding, with the throws around the place and with my decorations. I love switching things up to look so much more lighter, brighter and all round spring-er.


This wouldn’t be a spring update without some gorgeous blooms! I just adore adding in some fresh flowers into my home in order to make it feel more ready for some sun. I just adore this (albeit fake) pink bunch that poke out of the basket- so LA, so cute and SO SPRING.

I hope you are as excited about the prospect of warmer weather and more daylight as I am! Bring on spring