Trend Talk; The Slogan Tee

If there is one trend that you cannot avoid at the moment, its the slogan tee. The style piece that makes it acceptable to have random words and messages written on my chest, and comes across as ‘cool’. Everyone and their dog now seems to rock them, and especially with the introduction of designer slogan tees, and seeing celebs strutting them on the red carpet, you can’t deny that they are the latest craze.

Personally I love the slogan tee, I find it such an easy piece to style and makes any outfit more casual and laid back. I love it when other people just stop me and lift my arms up so they can read what it says. I love how we can write messages about equality, political issues or unicorns. I fricking love a slogan tee.

So to celebrate my love for the slogan tee, I have linked my top 10 favourites for you to check out, including this cutie number from Dorothy Perkins.

ASOS feminism tee

Missguided GIRLS DO IT BETTER tee

Topshop you me oui tee

Asos SASS tee

Miss Selfridge Unite tee

Missguided hey shorty tee

Topshop nothing to wear tee

Topshop HUN tee