The Not So Glamorous Side Of Blogging

I find it funny the stigma that surrounds blogging. Everyone seems to assume that blogging is so effortless, so chic and so easy. Its a glamorous job where you just go for brunch every day and wear pretty clothes 24/7 and snap pics with your thousand pound camera. But actually blogging is pretty un-glamorous. Its cut throat and its hard work and it involves a lot of time in your sweats on the sofa writing posts. So I thought that I just chat about some of the less glamorous sides of blogging and break into that stigma a little bit.

Changing in Toilets

We have all had to do so. You can’t be out everyday in a cute location wearing cute clothes with your 40mm lens on you. And if you are then what do you do with your life? So changing in toilets is an unfortunate reality when taking cute outfit snaps. I regularly have to carry around a suitcase or large duffle bag full of clothes that I want to style and photograph and poor Alex gets the liberty of carrying it around and taking pictures for me. So those hella candid, hella chic photos tend to have a not so chic back-story.

Strange Positions

The amount of times Alex has walked in on me straddled over a table or bed or bench in order to get that perfect angle. I am a committed blogger and I will happily get up on my chair at a cafe in order to get a good snap- but it usually gets a few funny looks and a very embarrassed boyfriend. So when you next appreciate a good flatlay, just consider the struggle to take it at such a perfect angle.

Self Timer Struggle

As much as I wish I did, I unfortunately do not have someone following me around with a camera, ready to take pics for me anytime. So thats when self timer comes into play. Only a couple of times have I been brave enough to take them out of the house, and even then it was on the front drive. But usually when I am in my room, taking a cute little outfit pic, self timer is my best friend. And if you have ever used self timer, then you understand the struggle of angles and positioning and focusing and OMG SOMEONE COME AND TAKE IT FOR ME.

Chasing Up Money

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when a brand doesn’t pay you when they promises. The worst case I have had is when I waited 4 months for a blogpost payment. Having to nag and email brands again and again demanding the money that THEY OWE YOU is embarrassing (for you and them) awkward (for you and them) and really changes your opinion of the brand. So when you see a sponsored post, it doesn’t mean that its a fairly paid one.

Spending Hours At Home

I wont even lie, I spend so much time at home that there are times that I get cabin fever. Being a blogger involves a hella lotta time in your office, when your mates are all down the pub but you have a post to write or pictures to take. So you shouldn’t think that its all coffee dates and cute outfits and sexy offices. The real magic is done at home in my PJ’s

As much as this post is about the not as picture-esque sides of blogging, being a blogger is the most fun and rewarding job I could ask for. So even though it forces me to do all of the above, heres to more years of it!