Upping My Game

When it comes to my blog, instagram and social medias, I have had a sudden inspo surge. I am seriously upping my game. I am working so hard on my photography, I am working on my grid more than ever and I am putting my soul into every writing piece that goes onto my blog. And hell it feels good.

Even though the instagram algorithm is still pretty shitty and I don’t earn a huge wage packet from my uploads, it feels so amazing to being doing something that I am so proud of. That I can literally hold my phone up to Alex with a big grin and say ‘how good does that look though’. It feels so good to be investing myself fully into everything and feeling, rather than seeing the rewards from it.

I think this wave of inspo hit when I was more fed up than ever. I had been stuck on 15.7k for about 8 months and my follow number just was not budging. I wasn’t happy with my feed and I just kept recycling old photos. The pics that I posted were not my best, the outfits that I was showing did not represent who I was and my captions were boring. (I cant believe that I used to be one of those girls who just wrote ‘weekend vibes’ and nothing more)

I wasnt the happiest with some personal things as well, I was working in a pleasant but mediocre job where I was just stuck in one position, and my life was just work, work, visit alex for a few days… back to work, work.

So when I came back to university, after all the drama of the instagram hack and all the things I had going on here, I just decided sod it. But not in a ‘sod it I dont want to do this anymore’, in a ‘sod it, this is my life. I love my instagram, I love my blog and you know what? I am pgonna pour my heart into it’.

So that’s what I did. I looked around for inspiration, I saved pinterest boards and screenshotted feeds that I liked. I flicked through magazines and even took a few days off just to clear my head.

And my god I have come back with some force. In the space of a month, my following has grown by 800, my engagement has rocketed and my blog is being noticed by so many more brands.

I am so happy with my feed, I am so happy with the content I am producing and I am so happy with my platforms. I feel like, by really investing into the ‘quantity over quality’ stigma, I have managed to make my instagram what it is today. I got to the point before where I would just upload a photo in order to fill my two-posts-a-day quota.

Now I only upload if I am in love with the pic. I only post it if I am proud to show it off. I only upload it if it fits with my feed and makes my grid something that I love to look at.

Some people may be against themes and matching grids, but it makes me happy and it makes my feed something to be proud of. So sod it thats what I love.

I know this post has been a bit of a ramble and a bit of a nonesense post. But what I am trying to say is, I have upped my game. Heck I am no where near done upping my game. I am pouring everything I got into my medias and if you wanna join me for the ride, you’re more than welcome to.