2019- The Year of Knowing ‘You’ With Ava Women

I always love new years- the opportunity for change, the motivation that everyone feels and the possibility in the air. I myself have set a few goals- one of which I started early.

I feel like there is a bit of a movement going on at the moment with women and their bodies. For years we have just put up with not understanding ourselves, taking pills for pills sake and changing our bodies in ways we didn’t even understand. I myself have used hormonal contraception since I was 16 and haven’t really known my body without it.

But this recent shift in society, this NEED to know who we are and what our bodies want is exhilarating! And I for one am so excited to be jumping on the band wagon.

That’s why I am so excited to be working with Ava women on this post- a fertility tracker which I’ve been trailing out for a few weeks now. It’s designed for women who just want to get to know their body, their cycle and more about themselves.

The way in which the tracker works is through a bracelet which you wear while you sleep- you download the Ava app which then syncs the data with the bracelet and gives you an accurate reading of your body.

As someone who has always had a cycle which has been somewhat of a mystery to me, this has never been more welcomed into my routine.

How did I get on?

To tell you the honest truth, I feel so much more connected with my body. As silly as that sounds, I feel like I understand myself just that little bit more. I know what my body is going through and have more of an understanding of where I am in my cycle. I am so much kinder to myself and feel like I really understand me a lot better.

The tracker only gets more accurate the more you wear it and the more cycles it tracks, so I cannot wait to see the long-term benefits of using it.

As I am working with Ava on this post, they have really kindly given me a discount for you to purchase your own Ava bracelet- simply use the code PETITEELLIEE20 at the checkout to get 20% off your bracelet.