The Truth About Your First Year at Uni

So I have finished my first year at uni. Crazy! I honestly can’t believe how quickly this year has gone and that I am a;ready done being a fresh! Seeing as I now have a WHOLE YEAR of university wisdom to share with you, I thought that I would impart some of my knowledge to you. Whether you are reliving your own university memories, thinking about uni or are starting next year, here is the truth about your first year at uni.

Your name is now forever FRESH

All you will now hear for the next year is ‘see it off, fresh’, ‘down it, fresh’, or ‘get up, fresh’. Honestly I cannot wait to get into next year just so that I can finally say that to someone else.

All you will spend your money on for the next year is food

I honestly never realised how expensive food is. Call me ignorant but seriously, I had NEVER realised. I don’t even know where all my moneys goes with regards to food. Eating just seems to DRAIN your bank account!

Just because you have left home, doesn’t mean you won’t still rely on your mum for everything

Some people only call their parents once a week. Some once a month. For me its more like once a day. Its gotten to the point where one time I hadn’t texted or rang my mum in 3 days and she called me asking if everything was alright! Truth is, even when you leave home, you still want your mum more than anything.

Washing clothes sucks

You will never understand the DRAG washing clothes is until you have to lug your pile down to the halls laundry room, only to find that all the machines are taken. Then when one finally becomes free, you get the joy of having to pay nearly £5 PER WASH. Its a con and its a drag and its the reason why I always bring my madre home a HUGE pile of washing whenever I see her (LOVE YOU MUM)

Your degree will be no where near as hard as your A levels to get you there

Its so ironic how hard you have to work for your A levels (or Btec or whatever it is you are doing to get yourself into uni). I struggled so much at college and it really made me question whether I would be smart enough at uni. But the truth it, university is SO MUCH EASIER. Some may say thats because you’re just doing the one subject you love. Others may say its because the uni just wants you to do well. Whatever the reason, Its a doddle compared to A levels.

Its the best experience of your life

Okay this may not be true for everyone. Some people are really just not made for uni. But personally, I have loved every second of it. I was very unsure whether I wanted to go or not. I was such a home bird and so nervous to live with new people in a strange city. But the truth is it has been the best year of my life and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.