The Perfect Spring Scents

Now that spring is spring its time to start trying out new scents and experimenting with new perfumes. I looove perfume shopping. My favourite thing to do is go through duty free and get a whiff of the gorgeous new scents for spring. Only issue is, who actually buys things in duty free? If I’m going to Mallorca for a week or America for a month I don’t want a new full sized bottle of perfume waiting on my night stand for me to return. Too much faff and I would much rather save the luggage space for chocolate or sweeties.

So my favourite place to shop fragrance is (surprisingly) called fragrance direct. I loooooove this website!! It’s so amazing if you’re shopping for perfumes and allows you to see such a range of new collections as well as the classics. I’ve been using their site so much recently to check out and buy myself some new perfumes for spring.

The night scent- black opium

I looooove this scent. And I know. I know. I’m late on the bandwagon. But honestly this is the best night time spring scent ever. I adore using this for a date night or a night out with the girls. It’s such a rich scent but not too rich that it doesn’t feel spring like. Does that make any sense?

The weekender- Nina Richie

This brand new scent from Nina Richie is so beautiful I just can’t deal. After 11 years of silence from them and simply repurchasing her classic scent, she finally brings out a brand new scent that we all swoon over.

It’s so much sexier and exciting compared to her original scent and is so perfect for a spring weekend. I feel like the bottle just sums up how much more experienced she is with the perfume industry and this new spring scent is just gorgeous!!

The day scent- Chloe love story

Ooooooh my goodness can we first just appreciate the bottle?! Like seriously. It’s STUNNING.

I have this set up on my makeup vanity and it’s so beautiful it just makes me so happy!

Also the scent of this is just beautiful. It’s a lot lighter than black opium which is why it’s perfect for spring days. I love how fresh the scent is and how girly it is. I get so many compliments when I wear this! It’s my faaaave.

If you’re looking to update your spring perfume wardrobe, be sure to head over to to bag yourself the best scents this season!!

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