Chasing Your Dreams

Wouldn’t it be FAB if dream chasing was easy? One day you say that you want to create a successful coffee business and a week later you owned 5 stores. But unfortunately, thats not the way the world turns. If you want something, you gotta chase it. And if its worth wanting, its usually a difficult chase. I never really had a dream before now. I just didn’t really know what I wanted in life. I didn’t know what I wanted to do and I was just unsure about a lotta things. But recently I have discovered what my dream is. I now know what it is I want and I know FOR SURE that its gonna be a long road to get there.

Dreams are hard to chase. Unless you are supported by a trust fund (which us in the real world ARE NOT), then chasing your dream is often hindered by money issues. You need to pay rent and eat and buy new things. So more often then not we need to make sacrifices. I have a holiday job that I go back to and whenever I come home from uni, I go straight back to it. I hate it and its really not what I want to do with my life but hey, it pays the bills. The other way in which I live is by a student loan but THANKS GOVERNMENT I know I have to pay it back as soon as I graduate.

Recently I have been feeling a lot more motivated to chase my dream. I feel like before now I have always been a little too scared to chase it. I have been to scared to admit that its what I truly want. I am so lucky to have such supportive people around me and I have a boyfriend who is more excited about me wanting this than I am. So this marks the start of me really chasing my dream. Really putting in effort to make my dream a reality.

Do you have a dream that you are too afraid to chase? Or are you in the process of making your way to it? Lets all support each other and help one another reach our dreams!