Give Yourself A Pat On The Back

I’m starting this post with a big round of applause. That round of applause is for you, oh yesssss. You are AMAZING. You are doing FAB and you deserve a bit ol’ pat on the back.

I feel like there is soooo much focus in this society on setting g yourself goals. For always striving to do better. Be better. Want better.

But where is our pat on the back? Where is the recognition when you reach that number, hit that milestone or smash your goal?

Well here it is. Here is your reminder that you are fucking great.

I am notorious for always looking ahead and looking at what’s in the distance. But I want to tell you how important it is to look back at how far you’ve come. Look at what you have achieved and what you have accomplished. Because it’s pretty damn cool.

A quote that a teacher always told me was ‘self praise is no praise’. Well I’m sorry Mr Keegan but I disagree.

You can’t spend your whole life waiting around for someone to tell you well done, good job, fab work. You gotta do it your damn self!! You gotta give yourself a pat on the back and tell yourself how fucking great you are. I have always believed that no one is going to be prouder of me than me, so here I am, being damn proud of myself.

It can be soooo hard to allow yourself to actually acknowledge how great you are doing, and how amazing it is. I for one always struggle. I complain and moan about not being at my next goal, and poor alex always has to remind me what a bloody fantastic job I am doing. I constantly hear ‘but look at far you have come’, and ‘remember when 20k was your goal? And look at you now’.

I know its hard, I know it is very unBritish and I know it feels wrong, but shout about how great you are. Put down your phone or laptop or tablet or whatever device you are reading this one and give your back a great big wallop.

Cause you are f*cking fantastic.

Photography by Ami Ford