The Pressure To Create

I am a blogger, an influencer and a content creator. My job is to think of new and exciting things to snap, to talk about and to explore. Instagram is all about keeping it new and current. My blog relies on original and organic content. Essentially my life depends on my ability to create. And my god that is a lot of pressure.

Being a blogger is can be SO HARD to stay motivated or to keep up with your 3-posts-a-week schedule. Hell the amount of tuesdays I’m apologising for no new post- the amount of saturday nights where I am stressing because I have nothing to go up that Sunday. The amount of times I panic text Ami to see when she can next book me in for a shoot because I NEED NEW CONTENT.

Take a chill pill, Ellie.

But I am positive that I am not the only person who feels like this. I know for a fact that the pressure to constantly churning out creative content takes a toll on a hell of a lot of us and occasionally, the pressure gets too much. Even Zoella took a month’s break after christmas!

It’s not just creating content that creates pressure, its the type of content and whether its good enough or whether the bloody algorithm will decide to hide it from my followers or whether a blogpost is long enough. I love writing long, wordy blogposts. But it now means that if a post is a bit shorter I start to stress. I start to question whether it is even worth uploading.

Wow even just writing this post is breaking me out into hives just thinking about the pressure we have to create.

I wonder- does the pressure come from ourselves? Or does it come from society?

I think when it comes down to it, you need to let your creative juices flow. You need to kick ass when you’re feeling it and hide with a tub of Ben and Jerry’s when you’re not. You need to stop just putting up a number of posts to hit or new outfits to snaps or pics to upload. I think the important hing is to focus on the quality of something, rather than the quantity.

So hey, here’s to stopping putting so much damn pressure on ourselves and actually giving ourselves a well deserved break!