A Letter To The People Pleasers

Hi, I’m Ellie and I am a people pleaser.

Hi Ellie.

I go out of my way to make people happy. I worry more about whether I have offended someone I only spoke to twice more than I worry about not paying my bills. I have a problem with making sure people are happy with me and content and comfortable and, frankly, I am tired.

This post is dedicated to my fellow people pleasers. My fellow guys or gals who go out of their way to make sure that someone ELSE is happy, despite their own feelings. This post is dedicated to those who never want picking up from the airport, will pop round with cookies at 2am and will give up their own free time just to make sure you don’t have to give up yours.

Its time to make a stand.

This post was kind of sparked by recent events. I seemed to have offended someone in a purely innocent post that came across wrong. I seemed to have upset that person and I could NOT STOP WORRYING ABOUT IT. As in 2 days down the line I was still checking to see if they had seen my apology and was still talking about how bad I felt and was still worried about how they felt. And it got to the point where Alex had to say to me ‘Babe why do you care so much? It was innocent, you apologised. Who cares if they are upset or offended.’

And you know what, that hit a bloody lightbulb inside of me that did.

Why should I care so much about how they feel? Why should it affect my day if THEY CHOSE to take it the wrong way and be offended. Why should I feel the need to make them happy and make them like me. I am always the kind of person to bend over backwards to make sure that those around me are happy.

And although I am not going to just suddenly stop and say F U to all of my friends and family- but what I am going to do is just stop bloody worrying so much.

I am going to stop trying to make every person on the planet like me and I am going to stop making it my responsibility to make others happy.

So here’s a letter to my fellow people pleasers- its time to stop pleasing them. It’s time to just do you.