Why Is Our Generation Never Content?

Usually when writing a blogpost I like to think of catchy titles or put in a bit of alliteration or at least make it sound like I know what I am talking about. But today I am questioning. I am questioning why TF our generation is never satisfied, never happy and never content. We are always striving for more. Setting new goals, reaching new levels and always looking at what’s NEXT.


And I cannot preach to you here because I am so bad for this. As soon as I hit one goal I don’t even give myself an evening to celebrate before I start looking at my next focus. And my god is it exhausting.

I think a major issue that we have in this generation is the effect of the media. Social media makes everyone LOOK like they are doing well. They are achieving their goals, living their best life and just generally bossing life. Pffft. We all know that it is not real, we all know that it is just a front that you let your social media see, yet we still look at it as gospel. We see how our friends are doing and how high they are achieving makes us feel… well just a bit sh*t.

And that’s what pushes us to do more.

But why can’t we just give ourselves a break? Why is it so hard to be content with where we are at and what we have managed to achieve. (because I could put money on the fact that if you really looked back at what you have done, you would be proud of yourself!)

As a generation, I think it really is time to take a look at the pressure we put on ourselves and the stresses we give ourselves. So instead of setting your next goal and instead of looking at what you next hope to achieve, give yourself a bit of time to be content with how far you have come.