Adding That Personal Touch To A Rented Room

Living in a rented house can be tricky. You’re in someone else’s property; you want to make your mark and want to make it homely but you’ll only be there a year or so. What’s more is that my landlord has a strict NO HOLES IN THE WALLS policy because it was only just repainted when I moved in. So making it feel like home can be tricky. I need something that doesn’t damage the walls, but I also wanted something classy which makes me feel proud to walk through the front door. Oh the challenges of renting….


Did you like what I did there?

Prints are sooooo in right now and COVER my insta feed, and rightly so! I have so many pinterest boards of wall art and print inspo and I long for the day I can create my own gallery wall. But when renting, they are also the perfect accessory to really uplift your place. Being able to lean prints against the wall takes away the issue of having to bang holes in and looks so laid back and stunning!

The prints that I have chosen to add to my bedroom are these stunning pieces. The little bubble print is the perfect accessory to add above my makeup table and adds such a cute pop of pink to an otherwise very magnolia room (typical rentals- when will landlords make the switch to white?!)

I’m adding another pop of pink with the pink cloud print. I just love the transition from white to pink! So calming and tranquil, and paired with the gold frame, SO CLASSY.

You might be able to notice that in the bedroom, I am really trying to create more of a zen. My room can get pretty hectic and overwhelming, so bringing in something that not only looks pretty but creates a calming ora is so important to me! Having the simplistic designs, the calming manner and the tranquil artwork, I have created such a positive energy in my room that was just not there before.

Being able to design your own zen in your rented room is something so important. It makes it feel like home and it makes you so much prouder of the place that you live. Desenio has made me SO HAPPY every time I walk into my room and actually makes me look forward to coming back to my rented place. If you want to shop any of the prints that I picked up (would highly recommend) then you are welcome because I have linked them all below.

Dont Grow Up Print

Pink Bubble Print

Batman Print

Pink Cloud Print

Busy Print

Feelings Print

Breathe Print