The Pixi Glow Tonic

Its not very often that I love a product so much that I write an entire blogpost about it but OH HELLO HERE WE ARE writing an entire blogpost about the new Pixi glow tonic. Oops.

So a little while ago, my skincare routine was just a very basic, little two step; makeup off, moisturise. I am pretty ashamed of myself for that. But recently I have been making so much more of an effort to treat my skin right, give it a bit of TLC and look after it better. So since being gifted the new glow tonic from Pixi, I have been so excited to use it and incorporate it into my skin care routine.

AND MY GOODNESS am I noticing a difference!

I find that when I don’t give my skin any attention, it really shows. It just looks dull and flat and very textured. So it was in definite need of some proper care, as it had a long way to go.

I find that often my skin feels really stripped after I cleanse, and moisturiser seems to just kind of add oil rather than adding moisture… does that even make sense? I find that using the glow tonic makes my skin feel a little softer after I cleanse and takes away the harsh, stripped down feeling.

I wont lie, I dont see how it is exfoliating. I mean maybe I am missing a trick and maybe its because I am used to quite harsh exfoliators, but still it feels amazing.

I find that it just makes my skin feel so soft and so ready for my moisturiser. I feel so clean and so pampered every time I use it- it’s just perfect!

I am honestly so overwhelmed by the fact that Pixi were SO KIND as to personalize the bottle for me and gift it to me. I may have cried a little when I opened it… Thank you Pixi!