Living Online

Recently I had a rather nasty encounter with a girl who had very strong opinions about a blogpost.

The funny thing was that she never actually read the post and didn’t really know what she was talking about, all she had done was read the title of the post and attack me with her opinion.

I won’t lie, I had a bit of a tiff with this girl on twitter. I probably should have ignored it. I probably shouldn’t have given it any of my energy and I probably shouldn’t have let it bug me as much as it did.

But it did bug me. And I did let it get to me and I tried to stand my ground with this girl (stupid really cause you just can’t argue with these kinds of people)

ANYWAY one comment that she made when I asked her not to share her negative opinion is ‘if you’re doing things that put you in publicity then you have to accept you’ll be criticised at times’.

Now this comment really got me thinking. Why is it that people feel like they have the right to criticise someone just because they are online?

What gave her permission to attack my blog, attack me as a person and actually attack the blogging community.

Why is it that people feel like, just because it’s out there, they have the right to comment on it. To give their opinion on it and to smear your name with crap in the process?

For all the years that I have been online, I have not once negativity criticised a fellow blogger or influencer. And I just don’t understand why people feel like it’s okay to do that.

I mean just because it’s out there. Doesn’t mean you can be a prick.