The Perfect Beach Makeup

When you’re beaching it up, you want to look good. But lets be honest, there is nothing worse than sweating balls and being CAKED in makeup. Also, there is nothing worse than having your makeup ending up sliding down your neck because you are so sweaty. So I have put together the perfect makeup for a trip to the beach.

Lancome LA Base Primer

When it comes to sweaty makeup, you need a good primer in order to keep it all in place. The Lancome primer is such a great base in order to keep everything in place. I find that it is such a good flawless primer too, and makes my skin look so flawless!

Clinique Super balance Foundation

My all time favourite foundation at the moment. Honestly I have had this on my face everyday this summer and cannot think of anything better for a base for a beach look. I love how it is quite medium coverage, but can be built up to a full coverage if you work it.

Mac Mineralise Skin Finish

OF COURSE we need to set that makeup! In order to stop it all from sliding off, or to stop me from glowing like a friggin firefly. The mineralise skin finish is my all time favourite powder as it sets your makeup so nicely without looking too cakey. As you can see from this, I have almost finished this powder and will definitely be repurchasing.

Goof Proof Brow Pencil

BROWS BROWS BROWS. I have recently changed up what brow product that I have been using and am so obsessed with Benefit’s goof proof. The brow pencil make application so easy and it stays on my brows so well throughout the day! The shade is perfect for my blondish hair (shade 1) and I love how it makes my brows so full yet so natural.

Roller Lash

You know my love affair with benefit’s roller lash. My all time favourite mascara that looks so pretty, so fluttery yet so natural. It doesnt run easily either, which is exactly what you want when you’re at the beach.

Charlotte Tilbury Bitch Perfect

All we want is a natural, nude lipstick. The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick range is so natural and so perfect. I love how it makes my lips look so natural, so healthy and so creamy.