The Petite Girl’s Guide To Skirts


Well hello there and welcome back to another ‘petite girls guide to…’ the ultimate destination for every vertically challenged, short arse out there that wants to rock any outfit and not look like they’re wearing their mamma’s clothes. In today’s episode (lol I sound like an E4 presenter) we’re looking at skirts: I wanted to label this the ‘midi skirt’ episode but to tell you the truth, 99% of the time a midi skirt is not midi on me. More like mid-calf or maxi…. but hey I like it. I rock it. And I’m here to teach you how to rock it to.


1- check the waist band

One of the main things I think are so important in shopping for skirts is to look at the waist band. I personally find that black, elasticated waist bands make you look much shorter and a little bit wider…. I prefer to go for either an elongated waist band or a short, non elastic one. I adore the look of this leopard waist band and how it makes my torso SO MUCH LONGER. As a girl who has a VERY short torso, anything that gives the illusion of length is a yes from me.



2- Pattern it up, biatch

I adore skirt that have a bit of a pattern to them; leopard print, floral, or a printed design are so much better than a block colour. Often block colour can look much less flattering, especially on a short arse.


3- Keep it basic on top

When it comes to midi skirts, I much prefer to keep all the focus on the skirt- so a basic black tee is the perfect accompaniment!



4- Dont be shy

Something that I always used to be so concerned about when midi skirt shopping is that it didn’t look the same on me as it did on the model. GOD I HATE that I used to think that… I mean no matter what height or size you are, you’re never going to recreate the model look no matter how hard you try. So just rock the longer length!! Who cares if it isn’t the exact midi length as it looks on the model, you look hella cute and you just need to rock it!