A Little Life Update


Hey, hi, hello. I feel like it’s been a little while since we sat down and just had a bloody CHAT. I love talking about the new trends, my favourite buys and sharing my top tips for LIFE but it’s been a WHILE since we just spoke about stuff.

Gotta love chatting about STUFF, don’t ya?

But I really wanted to just sit down, me and you (and a cup of tea) and chat about what the hell has been going on in my life recently because it has been a LOT.



So thing numero uno and arguably one of the biggest life change ever but I AM ALMOST NOT A STUDENT. That’s right, the degree is coming to an end. The dissertation is almost fully written, assignments handed in and cap and gown ordered.

Wow that is bloody scary.

I guess I am luckier than most because I know what I have got in the pipeline and have a plan if you will… which brings me to thing numero dos.

Numero dos is another MAHOOSIVE life change which is occurring as we speak and that is the fact that we are MOVING. AHHHHHHH.

For 3 years now, myself and my partner have lived in shared houses and communal properties to save money, mainly, and live SOCIABLY.

Well anyway enough of being sociable, now it’s just the two of us moving into our own little flat and we have the complete right to just become hermits for the rest of our life. Yay us.

Okay but seriously, I think the flat is the thing which I am MOST excited about mainly because I have wanted to play house since I could crawl. And although I know I have always had my own room/ bathroom/ a shared living room to do up, it’s just not the same as having your own space which is just yours.




I will of course be sharing the entire journey with you, from packing up to moving to decorating to being told off for spending too much money decorating. It’s all gonna be occurring over on Instgagram (so if that’s not incentive to follow me then I don’t know what is)

Those are the main big life changes which seem to be happening over here at the moment (and I mean, they are pretty big changes) but other little updates to give you are that I have decided to re-join the gym because as much as I love my little belly rolls, I also love the feeling of FEELING FIT and kinda want to get that feeling back…. We’ll see how long this honeymoon stage lasts for but any tips to keep at it at the gym when you’re all on your toosh would be FAB.

You may have also noticed that I really am putting my all into my channels at the moment and miiiiiiiight be starting up a new channel in the near future… that’s all I’m telling you, no other spoilers.

So how’s your life going? Tell me about any big (or small) life changes happening for you right now and we can moan about the existential crises we are all having about just being human and always having shit to do.