The Petite Girl’s Guide to Jewellery

If you are a petite girl like myself, you will know the struggle of finding things that fit. I have spoken a lot about finding clothing in order to fit our petite figures but I have never before touched on jewellery. Which is bizarre, because I always struggle so blooming much to find tiny jewellery that doesn’t slip off my wrist, doesn’t engulf my whole arm and actually fits right. WELL STRUGGLE NO MORE LITTLE ONES!

I have recently partnered with a jewellery store called ‘dainty wrist jewellery’, its a company that sells jewellery especially tailored to girls with little wrists who usually struggle to find bracelets that fit. My oh my is it a beautiful store. When I was on their site, I was kind of spoilt for choice, and for a girl who normally has to search far and wide to find a little enough bracelet to wear, you should have seen how giddy I got. So I thought that I would talk you through a few pieces that I got from from their company and why I am freaking obsessed with them.

Firstly, this leaf bracelet. This is a beautiful silver bracelet that I am totally in love with for an everyday look. I love how the leaf goes so perfectly around my wrist and how the chain does not droop for a mile along my wrist! Its such a gorgeous bracelet with a beautiful amount of detail in it and I love how it looks with an everyday outfit.

Next is this GORGEOUS sterling silver bangle. I wont lie, being able to wear a bangle is probably one of the most exciting things in my life. The bracelet is such a beautiful mixture of smooth and patterned silver. I love how the material is flexible enough to pull apart a little in order to get your wrist in it, but is also strong enough to hold its shape on your wrist and not fold under pressure. This is so perfect for an evening out or a meal with the fam. I adore this paired with a little clutch and a little sparkle!

This trio is so perfect for a night out. I have seen Swarofski with their own, so this is such a perfect dupe! The mixture of 3 metals is so flattering paired with black and a lotta cute makeup! I loooove how these bangles actually fit my wrist, its just so funny how something so odd to someone else can just make your week! The texture on these bracelets makes them look so much more expensive and reflects the light so beautifuly!

Now for my absolute FAVOURITE piece, this sterling silver bangle. Its such a simple and pretty piece that , paired with a watch, just completes an outfit! Honestly I cried when I opened this, its such a gorgeous little piece and the fact that she engraved PETITEELLIEE onto it is just so meaning for me and made me so emosh!

This petite jewellery is so gorgeous and the most beautiful site to delve into if you have tiny wrists like myself. Shop all the pieces that I have spoken about:

Leaf Bracelet

Silver Bangle

Mixed Metals Bangle

Silver PETITEELLIEE Engraved Bangle