Instagram Promotions- is it all just a scam?

Recently I decided to try an Instagram promotion to see what all the kafuffle was about and see if it actually drives anymore traffic to my blog.


It didn’t.

I decided to try two different promotions so that I could see the difference between them. First I paid £8 for a day, Then I paid £16 for a week. Granted I wanted investing a great deal into either of these promotions, so I wasn’t expecting to get 1,000 new followers or anything, the main thing I wanted to do was see who it would reach.

In all honestly, it mainly reached my own followers.

I mean Instagram has an algorithm to ensure that your promotion reaches audiences that would be interested, but funnily enough that audience already follows me. So I may as well have just saved my money and put up a normal Instagram pic telling you to click the link in my bio….


Thirdly, I got less likes on that photo than I would normally get on a grid pic. So again, why did I spend the money for that? From analysing the data, it looks like the promotion that I PAID FOR reached less people than my own following does.

For the day pic, I got a grand total of 6 clicks on my blog. For the week promotion, I got a grand total of 11 clicks.

So the moral of this story is; don’t waste your time on Instagram promotion. It’s all a scam.