The Petite Girls Guide To Chunky Knits

Look who’s back – back again – the short girls back – tell a friend.

That’s right, folks. Ya girl is back with another ‘petite girls guide’ to talk about how I overcome the undying issue of being vertically challenged and wanting to look cute. In today’s extravaganza, we’re finally admitting defeat and accepting that autumn seems to be upon us.

No more strappy tops…. no more bare legs… no more leaving the house without a jacket.


It’s officially made it’s decent which means we’ve got to prepare for the chill… and maybe enjoy the cute autumn styles that accompany it.

Today I wanted to talk about chunky knits because for years I’ve struggled in this area.

I found that they swamp me, bunch at the bottom and are just all round unflattering. So how did I master the art of the chunky knit which simultaneously being as short as a 9 year old boy… well that’s what I’m here to tell you.

1- half a tuck is your friend

Also known as the Emma Hill tuck, the half tuck allows you to elongate your waist without giving yourself a bulging backside from the excess fabric you’ve stuffed down your trousers.
By just tucking the front part of your jumper in, it allows for a little more definition on the waist and gives the illusion of longer legs.



2- crop it like it’s hot

Okay so I knowwwww we all hate cropped items because who needs to see the food baby popping out from underneath a jumper but hear me out. By opting for a slightly cropped jumper, you take away a great deal of excess fabric which would otherwise just make you look even shorter.



3- mix n match

One of the biggest faux pas I always made with chunky knits was to pair them with loose clothing. Wrong. Uhuh. *buzzer noise*.
The best way is to counteract the extra thickness by pairing the item with something a bit tighter/ more figure hugging. That way you’ll still be able to show off your silhouette while simultaneously enjoying the warmth and coziness of a chunky knit.

4- layer like a slayer

Okay you can tell I’m getting tired because these titles are getting worst and worst BUT the best tip to give is to layer up your chunky knits. Instead of opting for a massive oversized jumper, instead go for a cardigan which you can keep open and pair with a cute dress or jeans.
That way you can just add an item which can be added to an outfit for an extra layer of warmth. Win win.