Sometimes I Hate My Phone


Bit of a weird title for someone who literally makes a living through her phone, I know. Considering I wouldn’t have a job without it, it’s kind of an odd thing to say, never mind to title an entire blogpost. But hear me out.


Sometimes, I hate my phone.


Our phones give us so much power. You know where your friend went to dinner last night and what they’re watching on Netflix. You hear about all the celeb gossip and can see how long it took someone from delivery of text to opening of message to time you get a reply. You can track your eating habits and watch cat memes. You can spend your money or learn how to save it. You can make a living or you can just waste a few minutes while you wait for the bath to run.

Your phone is a very important little device.


It’s a very intrusive little device.


It’s a very overwhelming little device.


Personally, the thing I find most overwhelming is the communication expected from you because of it. Everyone knows it’s always on your person, so your reply should be immediate.



As someone who lives with anxiety, technological communication can be really tricky. I hate text conversation. I find it utterly exhausting to maintain a proper conversation over text. Call me a bad friend, call me selfish, call me whatever you want but I would much rather not speak for 3 weeks and then have a big ol’ catch up over coffee and talk about our lives.


Of course I would be there if you needed me. If you want a cry down the phone or a rant about how your landlord has just charged you £150 for repainting a few marks on a wall.


I’ve always been this way and it’s really affected a lot of friendships/ aspects of my life that I never thought it would have.


Which is why I hate my phone.


I hate how much control it has over us in this day and age and I hate the expectation that falls on you. I think we need to be just a little more understanding when it comes to communication and not put so much pressure on others to owe us a reply. Because at the end of the day, it’s just a little piece of technology we keep in our pockets, it’s not what makes the world go around.