The Perfect Stocking Filler

Earphones are such a good stocking filler. And with the new launch of the Iphone 7, wireless earphones are everywhere. So many brands are releasing their own take on bluetooth headphones and the competition now is insane. Whats also insane is the price of most of these headphones. I mean chuffing a hundred quid for a couple of buds that stick in your ear and allow you to hear your tunes? No thanks. But actually there is a brand that is new launching in the UK who have bluetooth headphones that are actually such an amazing price without compromising on the quality of the music. Sudio is an earphone company who are now coming into stores such as Selfridges and are being sold in the UK. YAY!!

I had the liberty of being sent a pair (thank you Sudio!) and was able to test them out in order to decide whether they would be a good stocking filler for my loved ones. The pair that I chose are the black and rose gold Vasa Blar ear buds and firstly OH MY LORD ARENT THEY JUST GORGEOUS!?!?! The black and rose gold detailing really compliments each other and makes the earphones look so classy and elegant. Also, the wire is thick enough that when you leave them in the bottom of your bag without wrapping them up or putting them in the case (oops) they don’t tangle up like 99% of the other headphones I own! WIN. I am really glad that it has the wire between the earbuds because heaven only knows that I would end up loosing the buds after 2 minutes of them being in my bag!

The sound quality on these is so amazing- I will be honest, because they are so reasonably priced I wasn’t expecting greatness. But boy was I proved wrong! The sound is so clear in these and I am so sorry Sudio for ever doubting you!

Normally with earbuds like these, my ears do not cooperate. They either fall out every two seconds or hurt my ears so much that I have to keep removing them to give my ears a break. But not these earphones. They are so comfortable in my ear and sit so nicely. I even went to the gym in them and had no problem with them falling out on the treadmill! The best part of the kit is that they come with a range of ear bud sizes that you can switch up. So if you have diddy ear like myself, you can change it up to the smaller size, but if you need a bigger size, its so easy just to change to a larger bud!

If you are looking for a perfect stocking filler for someone, or even just a christmas present for a music lover. I would definitely recommend checking out Sudio. I have gotten so much use out of them already and will be filling up my loved ones stockings with Sudio earphones for themselves.

Please note- not sponsored post. Although I was sent the earphones. All opinions are my own and I am not getting paid for this blogpost