My Makeup Tray

I am super lazy. I am one of those people that snoozes the alarm 5 times then has 10 minutes to get ready. Because of this terrible, terrible habit, I have developed my ‘makeup tray’. This is basically a tray at the corner of my desk that my everyday makeup consists of. That’s right, I have a makeup tray. Why a tray? You might ask. Well, I tried my muji drawers but not everything fits into one drawer and that ends up in wasted time opening and closing said drawers; too much!! I then tried a makeup bag but that ended up in makeup strewn all over my desk because I am too lazy to put the products back in the bag- again a disaster. I then discovered my tray. It allows such easy access to the makeup and allows you to just chuck it back on, but because it is all on a tray it stays in a little mess on its own in the corner on your makeup tray. So here is the makeup I have on my tray (basically this is the crap I throw on my face on a daily basis)

For foundation I am in need of a heavy coverage at the minute (student diet does not seem to be boding well with my skin) so I have been loving the Lancôme cushion foundation. I don’t find it cakes around my spots. It’s a great coverage and not at all drying for me which is a bloody miracle let me tell you! I then like to powder with my faaaaaave Mac’s mineralise skin finis. I haven’t stopped wearing this since I got it for my birthday back in June. It’s my fave. It’s amazing. Nuff said.

I then need a bit (tonne) of tinted moisturiser to cover dem bags. I am loving the Bobbi Brown tinted moisturiser because it is such a good brightener and doesn’t crease under my eyes at all (I still like to set it with a powder though).

We then chisel the cheeks ever so slightly with the benefit hoola bronzer. LOVE THIS STUFF! It is such a good shade to give the me a bit of structure on my cheek bones and bronze the face up ever so slightly.

BROWS!! We can never forget the brows. I always use the benefit Ka-Brow. I swear down this is my ride or die. Ever since I tried this I have not gone back. ITS MY BROW SAVIOUR!! Because I have highlighted hair, I have to use a shade lighter than my natural brows in order to make them blend, so I use shade 2. Then to keep them brows in place I use Gimme Brow in the same shade.

If I am feeling extra brave (or in need of more makeup) I will venture to liner. In which case I, of course, use the Lancôme gel liner that everyone has been going on about for MONTHS! But there is good reason for the hype, trust me. I always make sure to put a bit of eyeshadow on no matter the day. You all know my ultimate eyeshadow palette- the Naked smoky palette. It may seem weird to say that I use this daily but it’s actually great for everyday makeup. I tend to just take the matte shades and blend blend blend.

For mascara I have fallen back in love with the Bobbi Brown smoky mascara. I love how it manages to stay all day and make my lashes look BOMB but also isn’t too painful to take off at the end of the day.

I usually give myself a choice of two lipsticks which, I won’t lie, are almost identical BUT YES I NEED THEM BOTH IN MY LIFE OKAY. I flit between the Charlotte Tilbury in bitch perfect and Mac’s brave. They are both perfect ‘your lips but better’ shades and I have been so obsessed with them recently.

So there we have it!! This is the crap that lies around on my makeup tray and is used on the daily in order to make me look somewhat respectable.