The Perfect Festive Night In

I wont lie, I am a huge fan of nights in. Especially over the christmas period. Snuggling up in bed watching a film and stuffing your face with christmas chocolate whilst its minus degrees and pitch black outside? Yes please.

Finding time to get in, get cosy and just relax takes a little bit of (worth while) preparation. So to encourage and inspire you to have some cosy nights in this winter, here are a few ways in which I like to stay in during the winter months.

A Winter Set Up

Fairy lights, candles and many many blankets are exactly what I need to give me the perfect winter set up. I love fairy lights as much as the next girl and especially around christmas time just NEED them to make the room all comfy and cosy. To really christmas-ify my room I love whacking out the christmas candles. Blasting out those cinnamon scents is just the best and makes me feel so warm and ready to cosy down for the night. To top off the setting.. BLANKETS! I love having loads of blankets around me to snuggle up in and get comfy.

A Festive Spread

You cannot have a night in without a good ol’ christmas spread. Chocolate galore! I am talking hot chocolates and chocolate goodies and chocolate bars and chocolate sharing bags. You just can’t get enough around christmas time. If you are feeling really adventurous, then you could even prepare for the night with christmas baking. But I am crap at baking so that aint happening from me. So Asda, I am relying on you to provide me with my christmas bakery goods.

Christmas Movie

A good old christmas movie is the ultimate way to get me into the christmas spirit. A few of my favourite include ‘Its a Wonderful Life’, ‘Elf’, and ‘Miracle on 34th Street’. You cannot beat these films if you want to get into the christmas spirit. I always feel so festive after watching these and look forward to watching them every year.

Festive PJ’s

I love christmas pyjamas! They are just perfect to get you into a christmas mood and get excited for the christmas season. I always feel ready for a cosy night in as soon as the pyjamas are on!

So here you have a few ways in which to unwind from the hectic days that lead up to the big day. I love to grab my family, boyfriend or friends and have a night in with them at least twice a week. Its just the perfect way to enjoy each other’s company as well as enjoying christmas time! Staying in is my fave.