The Non-Frumpy Guide To The Puffer Jacket Trend

I am loving the puffer jacket trend at the moment. You’re telling me that I get to wrap up like a cosy, puffy little marshmallow and call it fashion? Count me in. But the main struggle with this new trend is that it can easily go wrong…. I cannot tell you the amount of times that I have put an outfit together, finished it off with my puffer, looked in the mirror and gasped as it the Michelin man stared back at me. Not cute.

So I am here to save you from this fashion disaster, and give you my top tips for looking chic in a puffer jacket.

Choose the right pick

There are so many puffer jackets on the market right now, that the choice may seem a little overwhelming- so choosing the right puffer for you is essential in creating chic looks. I’ve linked a few favourites which I am loving right now.

Layer big with small

Puffer jackets can make you look bigger than you are, so pairing them with tight fitting pieces is essential. I love pairing a puffer jacket with a pair of leather leggings in order to contrast the big with the tight.

Choose your fit

Choosing the right fit for you is sooooo essential when choosing a puffer! Cropped fit is always more flattering, while longer lines can envelope you in a sea of puff.

Add a pop of colour

When it comes to a puffer jacket, I love adding a splash of colour to mix up an outfit. This red Miss Selfridge puffer is the perfect, festive piece and such a great staple to add to any wardrobe.

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