The New Spring Trend That’s Perfect For The Mid Sized Girl


I’ve never been much of a shorts girl, whenever summer rolled around I kind of dreaded the inevitable. I dreaded the hot weather, the chub rub and the shorts-and-a-top looks which circulate on Instagram. BUT… and that is a very big but my friend…. it’s all changed.


A new trend has graced us this season which is the ULTIMATE trend for any mid size girl, any girl who’s thighs rub uncontrollably and any girl who isn’t the biggest fan of her thunder thighs busting out of skimpy little shorts.


It’s the mom short trend.



And I, for one, am SO EXCITED for the prospect of it this summer.


It’s a bit of a love/hate trend, I know. It’s one you’ll either look at with the heart eye emoji or ask me what I was on when I purchased this pair.


But hear me out.


THIS is the trend for the office go-er. THIS is the trend for the girl with thick thighs. THIS is the trend for everyone.


And paired with an oversized blazer COULD I DRESS ANY MORE LIKE A MAN? Probably but that’s not the point… the androgynous look is here and it’s here STRONG.


So if you think I’ve lost it, then clearly you’ve never sat in a sweaty office on a summers day trying to fan yourself with 3 electric fans. But if you’re with me on this trend, then here are my favourites I’ve seen floating around the high street.