The Home Diaries- We’ve Moved!



*this post includes gifted content from Matalan Home


It’s finally happened. We’re finally in the new flat. We’ve unpacked (finally) and are LOVING living in the new space. Having so much more room to move about and rooms to fill (which are all ours, not shared) is so alien to us and SO EXCITING. And seeing as the response on my life update blogpost was so phenomenal, I thought you guys would enjoy seeing the process, the ins and outs of the flat and everything in between.


I’m actually so excited to be working with Matalan Home on this blogpost to show you how we’ve made the flat really feel like a home through some finishing touches.



When moving into a flat, it can be easy for it to feel a little bit cold and a little bit like someone else’s property, but there are so many pieces that you can bring to spruce it up and make it look so much less clinical. AND doing it on a budget is even easier with Matalan Home.


Firstly, rugs are LIFE. I HATE rental carpet. I literally wish I could just rip it all up and tell them where to go buttttt unfortunately my landlord wouldn’t quite appreciate that. So instead, I turn to the rug life. I ADORE the textured rug trend that is going around at the moment but to tell you the truth, I wasn’t in love with how spenny they are. Honestly I was in shock when I saw this number from Matalan home for such a great price. (SHOP IT HERE) I ADORE the look of this rug, it’s such an amazing price and is soooo soft. The ultimate item to cosy up any room.



Secondly, I ADORE the look of dark wood. Gimme all the dark wood accents. However, AGAIN, I don’t love the huge price tag that comes with that. I often find that buying faux wood can look quite cheap, but was so impressed with this coffee table from Matalan Home (SHOP HERE). The black legs mixed with the dark wood looks SO CHIC and I have already had sooo many messages with people who are SHOOKETH that this is from Matalan. TBH, so am I.


And the final thing that I am FILLING the house with is faux plants. I was so tempted to fill it with real ones but to tell you the truth, every little plant buddy I have ever owned has not lasted and I just can’t deal with the feels that come with realising that you have murdered another green thing. SO faux plants are the way forward, my friends.



I am so excited to show you the rest of the flat and I want to say a huge thank you to Matalan for sponsoring this post with these gifted pieces! I am so unbelievably in love with the flat, I can’t even begin to tell you.