6 Tips To Nail Your Blog Photos

When it comes to taking blog photos, there are so many do’s and dont’s which can really make or break a photo. It can be tricky, especially when you’re first starting out. I always get inundated with messages asking how I take my photos/ what I take them with/ how I edit them. And the camera I use mixed with the style of my shot is something that has taken me years to master and perfect. So hopefully this post will save you a few years.

1- get the right camera

When it comes to shooting, getting a camera that you’re comfortable with is the most important. I personally LOVE my Panasonic Lumix DZ200 for shooting blog photos. It allows a mixture of candid, street style shots or the more curated, blurred background kinda snaps. The possibilities are endless!

2- get the right tools

Using the right tools is essential in regards to blog photos. When it comes to easily getting your snaps from your camera to your laptop, using the right tools can save you Sooooo much time!! Read this article about how to connect your LUMIX camera to WiFi- HERE*– trust me, it’ll save you so much time in the future!

3- location, location, location

Nothing makes or breaks a picture more than it’s location. Finding a pretty coffee shop or colourful door can lift any ordinary snap into a blog-worthy picture. Do your research and think ahead about where you want your photos taken.

4- plan your wardrobe

As well as location being important, I always plan my outfits for each blogposts. Planning ahead saves me so much stress, so much time and always gives me a better result than when I throw on an outfit in the morning!

5- know what you want to say

When it comes to shooting blog photos, make sure you have a blogpost lined up/ thought through. There is no point in shooting a whole palaver just to find that none of the shots work with the vibe of the post. Match the photos to the writing and you are golden


Nothing can beat a relaxed look in blog photos. Feeling awkward or tensing always shows in pics and never bodes well with blog posts. My advice is just to relax when you’re shooting, let the camera do the work and of all else fails- fake it till you make it!