Getting Into The Gifting Spirit

THATS IT. Halloween is over. Its been and gone. Its finally socially acceptable to start thinking about Christmas and looking into Christmas gifts and this is usually the time when I think DAMMIT WHY WAS I NOT MORE ORGANISED?!?! No matter how early I start my shopping, I always feel behind on gifts. So it’s time to start doing my shopping. And the number one person I always start with is the most difficult person- the boyfriend.

I have done some gifting posts before, especially around gifting for your other half. And I have chatted before about WHY ARE BOYS SO HARD TO BUY FOR AND WHAT THE HELL DO I BUY HIM. I don’t know about anyone else but my boyfriend has the most annoying habit in the world where if he likes something, he will buy it for himself. Which makes present buying SO HARD because anything he wants, he has it. And anything he doesn’t have, chances are he doesn’t want. Anyone else got the same struggle?

But this year I decided that it would be different, this year I wanted to get him something that he really will use and that I will like as much as him. Amazingly Fragrance Direct have the most amazing way of ensuring on getting the fragrance on your wish list, while making it so simple and fuss free! They have their Christmas Thoughtful Gift Edit over on their site which has been hand picked to show the perfect fragrances for this Christmas. Honestly this is making my life SO MUCH EASIER.

I am a lover of a nice aftershave on my other half and love being able to give him something that is essentially a gift for both him and me (because lets be honest, he would still be using links attract if it wasn’t for me). But often we can conflict between which scents we like, so this new edit on the Fragrance Direct site is a life saviour because it shows me the top picks this winter without you having to go through the painful experience of spritzing and smelling 10000 aftershaves, just to get one you both agree on.

The two fragrances that are being popped in Alex’s stocking are Calvin Klein ‘One Gold’ and Hugo Boss.

Firstly they are both YUUMMY fragrances and just make me want to make a little den in his neck so I can snuggle up their for cuddles and smell it forever more. Secondly, I love how premium these scents are. They are such perfect gifts because they look such high quality and I don’t actually complain when Alex leaves the bottle ‘on display’ (when it’s really because he’s too lazy to put it away).

I also love how special the Calvin Klein bottle is, as it makes the gift seem so much more Christmassy and high end.

If you are struggling for Christmas presents for your other half, or even for a dad or brother, then you 100% need to check out the Fragrance Direct Thoughtful Gift Edit! You will thank me later.

* This is sponsored content but all words, pictures and opinions are my own.