Simple Spring Makeup

It excites me so much that Spring is so close! I love all the spring makeup, the brights and pastels and patterns that just scream SPRING! So I have switched up my makeup a little bit for the months of spring and I thought that I would share it with you.

For foundation, I feel like you need a lighter coverage throughout Spring. No more winter mattes and no more heavy duty foundations. It’s all about light coverage and showing those cute little freckles that just pop through your foundation. So I’ve been using the Nars sheer glow foundation in the shade peak Blanc. We’ve all heard of this foundation, it’s nothing new and nothing exciting. An oldie but a goodie!

For powder, again we don’t want to completely mattify our faces but we also don’t want our dewy foundation to start slipping down our face. So I’ve been wearing this MAC mineralise skin finish. I looooove this powder because it’s got a little illuminating finish to it, allowing you to powder your skin without completely mattifying your face. Giving a 3 dimensional look to your makeup.

I’m not contouring here, I’m just bronzing up my face a little with this h&m bronzer but I’m focusing on a little bit of highlighter. Of course, I’m using the mother of all highlighters, champagne pop! I cannot wait for Jaclyn’s new collab with Becca because champagne pop has just been so amazing that I know her next product will be on par! So I just do a little strip on the bridge of my nose, the tops of my cheek bones and under my brows.

For brows we all know that I am using the Loreal brow kit, nothing’s changed here!!

For my eyes I love going for something very natural and awakening. This is the Bobbi Brown nudes quad. I think it might be limited edition because the packaging is different, so if it is be sure to get your way down to a Bobbi counter quick!! I love the shades in this quad, they are all so usable and just look so natural and elegant on my lids. Perfect for everyday Spring wear!

With my lips, I have been LOVING the YSL lipstick in number 6. It’s a gorgeous pop of pink on the lips to make a spring makeup look a bit more interesting and fun. The YSL lipsticks are, of course, perfection. So creamy and feels amazing on the lips! Would highly recommend them if you want a treat-yo’-self product.

Lastly, I’ve been loving this Essie polish in the shade ‘bikini so teeny’… First of all.. WHAT a name!! I always find that the names of polishes attract me half as much as the colour! Anyway this polish is a gorgeous pastel blue shade that looks so girlie and cute. I love Essie polishes as they never disappoint. I only need two coats and they last so long!!

So this is the makeup that I have been reaching for this spring. Let me know what makeup bits you have been loving!