The Happiness Edit

Being happy is something I like to believe that we all aim for in life. No one wants to go through life being unhappy and I read so many articles about reaching ‘happiness’ that it got me thinking. But defining happiness, or even reaching that definition can be so difficult. When I looked up in the dictionary what happiness meant, it said ‘the state of being happy’ which is not very helpful. Rule one is English is that you cannot describe a word with the same word… so the dictionary really should know better!

So lets talk about what we define as happiness and how we want to get there, because I think that it is so important to understand exactly what it is you want and how you want to get there.

Ellie’s definition:

Happiness is the state of being content, whether that’s with your family, relationships, job or socially. Happiness is just being at one with how your life is in this present moment.

Obviously everyone has a different definition of what they think happiness is, and how they believe that they can achieve it, but that is what happiness is for me. Perhaps its also about knowing that your life isn’t perfect, but loving it anyway. So many people talk about how they find happiness in the little things in life, but I believe that those little things are the things that add up to the bigger picture- that picture being having a happy life. I’ve scoured the internet to see if there are any better definitions or quotes.. and to be honest I disagree with 90% of them. No I don’t think that happiness is about forgetting your, no I don’t think that happiness is when what you say and what you think are in harmony. I believe that happiness is about remembering your past, growing from it and being a person as a consequence!

We all love a bit of JKRowling… she seems to just be so wise and knows exactly how to say things, which is why I love this quote so much. It just sums up how happiness isn’t about having the easiest life, its about making the most of what you’ve got. It really sums up how I believe you need to be as much of an optimist as possible and look for happiness yourself.

I am also in love with this quote. The fact that it says about how we decide when we are happy and we decide to choose happiness just sums up how in charge of our lives we are. I think that you should never let anyone decide for you what you are feeling. Even if they are your teacher or your parent or your friend…. you get to decide to be happy when it suits you, and I just love the thought of that so much.

So the next thing to think about is how we are going to reach happiness. How do I ‘choose’ to be happy? And to be honest, its a choice that you make. One morning you are going to wake up and think ‘dammit I’m going to be happy today’ and just like that you life will change. You will stop trying to please others. You will stop telling everyone of your failures and successes because, you know what? they are YOUR failures and successes and you get to live with them and you get to choose how they make you feel.

It doesn’t matter what situation you are in, if you have shoes on your feet and food on your table, you are luckier than most. And that, my friend, is how you reach happiness; appreciating what you have and stop looking for more. I feel like I am almost at the place where I can say that I am truly happy. Apart from my exams, I am in a good place with good people and I love my life and what I have. Sorry that todays post was so rambly, sometimes I just feel the need to chat with you guys and share my opinion and sometimes it doesn’t go down in writing how I wish it could sound but I love to say it anyway!! Let me know your thoughts on this topic and, as always, we can have a good old chat in the comments!