Self Care Online

I am all about self care, you know that. Looking after yourself is so important and such a huge part of life. But I was thinking recently about what its like being online. It can be demanding and difficult and down right sucky. And you know something that we never really think about? Self care ONLINE. Looking after yourself in the interwebs and caring for yourself on the internet. Now I am not just talking about not sharing your address online or sending nudes, I am talking about making yourself feel good and keeping a positive mental attitude to the online world. It can be tricky; theres always so much drama and negativity out there that it can be hard to avoid. So here are my tips at self care online.


I wrote a post a while ago about why it’s okay to unfollow, but I want to stress it here. Recently I went through my follow list on instagram and unfollowed any account that didnt provide me with positive energy, I didnt agree with or that didnt interest me anymore. Reasons to unfollow went as far as they posted such fake photos that I just felt stupid looking at them, or all they posted was negatively portrayed. Sometimes its okay to unfollow people and put yourself first.

Turn off your phone

When it comes to being someone who is virtually always online, there is nothing more therapeutic than just turning off your phone. Go for a bath, watch a movie, go for a date and don’t just silence it, TURN IT OFF. If you are like me and worry that someone can’t get through, just tell the people closest to you that you are planning on turning it off and give them someone else’s number to get hold of you in emergencies.

Sometimes it really helps me just to step back from my laptop or phone and give myself some time to myself. As well as giving me a well deserved break, it just makes me want to come back it rather than finding being online a chore! Give yourself a break to make you want it more.

Don’t hide behind your phone

Being in this modern day and age, many many people use the internet in order to say mean things, start fights or confront people. And let’s be honest, it never works out well. Talking online never goes down well when having a dispute, things get miscommunicated, feelings get hurt and words are misportrayed. Arguments that could have been sorted in a matter of minutes can last days online and spiral into something that it really didnt need to. So don’t use your phone in order to hide behind, it’ll bite you in the bum every time.

Stop faking

When it comes to faking things online, you will always get caught out. Whether it’s lying about places you have visited or editing photos, its just not worth faking it. Being yourself is the best way to be and trust be, is how you get people to like you. There is no point in trying to get people to like a fake, touched up version of yourself because it just isnt you and isnt fun.

When it comes to being online, it can be tricky, it can be difficult, but above all, it can be fun! Just make sure that you always put self care first and look after yourself online.