Ready, Set, Go

Why is it that we are always busy? Or maybe I should ask more, why is it that we always feel the need to be busy? The second we have nothing to do, we are bored, or feel lazy, or just need to do SOMETHING. I am super guilty of this. I hate not having anything to do and I hate feeling like I am stuck in a rut. And I have decided that it is time to stop that. It is time to stop glamourising the hectic, non stop lifestyle and actually allow ourselves a bit of time for pure and complete… nothing.

You see we do it to ourselves. The other night when I was scrolling through my instagram I was reading through the captions and the one recurring theme I noticed again and again was the competition to be the busiest. All my feed was filled with was

‘hectic mondays’ and ‘finally time to relax’ and ‘havent stop all day’ and ‘just havent stopped’

AND OMG ITS SO HARMFUL. This way of thinking is just setting us up to feel like we SHOULD be busy and we SHOULD be hectic and we SHOULD be rushed off our feet. When in reality, we should just shut the f*ck up the just chill. I myself am guilty of this. If I have a busy dayI will shout it on insta and be like omg look at me I have such a hectic lifestyle yay.

But why do I do this? Why do we do this?

Why, as humans, do we feel like we always need to be busy? I guess its the whole comparison thing. When you look at someone else and see how busy they you and how successful they are, you think ‘I need to be that busy. I need to be that successful’, when in reality you really do not. Just because someone else has a lot of jobs, doesn’t mean that you are a failure for not having much (or anything to do).

I feel like we are living in the age where its all about WERK WERK WERK and if you are not doing work then what the hell are you doing you lazy sh*t?

But this is such an unhealthy way to live! Thinking this way will just discourage us from giving ourselves the time to actually chill and actually relax. I mean come on people. You can’t be busy ALL THE TIME. You can’t have a list of jobs that need doing ALL THE TIME.

It’s okay to have a bit of time off.

It’s okay to allow yourself time to realx.

And it’s okay to be doing sweet, sweet NOTHING.