All Hail The Statement Trouser

You may have noticed a certain style item that is EVERYWHERE right now. And that’s the statement trouser. I wont lie, I fricking love this trend. I am the kinda girl who, I wont lie, HATES jeans. I’ll wear them on a night out and I’ll wear them for a nice occasion but the minute I step foot through my door, I whip them straight off. I just find them so uncomfortable and stiff and don’t even think about eating girl because I will cause you PAIN.

So when I started seeing the statement trouser come into fashion I jumped straight onto that band wagon.

Not only are they SO MUCH MORE comfortable than jeans, but they hide a multitude of sins. Feeling bloated? Paper bag waste. Not shaved your legs? Wide leg cut. Having a bad bum day? Clown flares.

Basically if ever you are feeling sh*tty about yourself, you can shove on a pair of statement trousers and BOOM you look hella boss and hella sassy and hella like you’ve got your life together. And let’s be honest, that is the total opposite to what the reality is.

The way that I have been really enjoying styling them is with a slogan tee and a denim jacket. I am living for this unicorn tee from H&M and although its sold out now, there are so many unicorn tees around the highstreet at the moment and I will be sure to link them for you! And I am OF COURSE wearing my favourite black denim jacket from Topshop that looks good with bloody anything.

I feel like Topshop are THE PLACE to be getting statement trousers at the moment but also so many other highstreet stores are doing them at the moment. I will be sure to link a load of cute trousers over on my SHOP page, so be sure to head there if you are wanting to get your hands on a super sassy statement trouser.

So all hail the statement trouser, the perfect thing if you want to look good, feel good and be a BOSS.