3 Autumn Staples That I Can’t Live Without

Autumn styling is literally my favourite. I love being able to layer pieces and experiment with different materials. Honestly I get a little too excited when the weather gets the slightest bit colder and leave the house is boots and a knit jumper, then end up regretting it half way through the day BUT HEY HO GOTTA LOVE THAT BRITISH INCONSISTENT WEATHER.

But when it comes to Autumn styling, there are a few pieces that I cannot live without and just gravitate towards them again and again. Call them my capsule pieces if you will. Because these are the items that I work around, these are the items that I start off with and then add to in order to create a look. So these are the pieces I am LOVING this season.

– Trench coats –

OF COURSE I was going to add this item in because everyone and their dog owns a trench coat and if you don’t, then what are you doing girl? This little number is my absolute fave and comes with me wherever I go in Autumn. It can dress up any outfit and can be styled with such a variety of pieces, from mom jeans to leggings to these gorgeous little draw string wide leg trousers.

Love the colour. Love the finish. Love how sassy I feel. Just gotta love a trench coat.

– Slogan tees –

I feel like this was a trend that was with us in summer and is being carried through to Autumn. Slogan tees are EVERYWHERE right now and can be found in any high street store. They range from £5 to £55 (yes I really saw a slogan tee for this much. I nearly fainted). But the point is they are FABBY.

I am especially loving the feminism and empowering ones that make me thing YES GAL. Need to get my hands on some more me thinks.

– Autumnal Bag –

We all know how an accessory can completely transform an outfit. Well that aint no different for autumn. Bags are probably one of my favourite ways to change up an outfit and can really add a pop of interest to a look. This JUST FAB number is my fave at the moment. With the patent material, it feels so autumnal (and so practical in the British weather) and looks so gorgeous paired with a trench coat. The burnt burgundy shade just screams autumn cliche but YOU KNOW WHAT I AM A CLICHE BLOGGER SO I LIKE IT.

I have been loving experimenting with these staples and playing around to see how I can style them this season. HOLLA AT ME IF YOU’RE ALSO LOVING THE AUTUMNAL TRENDS AND STYLING FOR COLDER WEATHER

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