Pulling Off The Boyfriend’s Jumper

A HUGE trend at the moment (even though it is kinda spring/ summer at the moment but lets be honest, its Britain and we are still wearing jumpers) is the boyfriend style jumper. They are EVERYWHERE at the minute. After seeing this trend a little throughout social media, I had a rifle through the boyfriends wardrobe and stole his (albeit limited) his jumpers.

I was a little worried however, when styling this jumper, that I would look like I just rolled about of bed and am still wearing what I had on from that night. So styling this trend needs a knack.

I find that rolling up the sleevs gives a much more casual, but deliberate vibe. Having sleeves hanging over your hands isnt the most glamorous of looks. So if you roll up the sleeves to just below your elbow, its a lot more trendy casual.

I love styling oversized jumpers with leggings and cute trainers. These Adidas are my fave- so simple and cute!

Little black bags are a MUST with this outfit to add a girly piece to the outfit and look like you dressed up a little. Lastly I like to wear ma glasses cause otherwise I am a blind as a bat. But in all seriousness, I love how the glasses adds to the casual, laid back vibe of the outfit.

If you are looking to get yourself a cute jumper instead of nicking your boyfriends, then shop a few cute ones such as this one, this one, that one, and this little one.